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Using Nebula

Nebula is a GUI for Gush. It is primarily written in Java, and uses XML-RPC to communicate with a Gush controller. Nebula is included in the main Gush SVN branch (check out gush/trunk/nebula), or a bundled tarball here. If you are using a Mac, you will also need to download the mac.tgz tarball and unpack it in the lib directory of nebula. For information about using Nebula, visit  the old Nebula page. Further updates regarding Gush and Nebula are forthcoming.

Quick start:

1) Configure Gush to use PlanetLab (and verify by starting Gush and making sure "info nodes" returns some nodes). Quit Gush.

2) Download allsites.xml using the following command. Put allsites.xml in the same directory as your Gush executable.

wget -O - -q http://www.planet-lab.org/xml/sites.xml > allsites.xml

3) Start Nebula by typing ./run in nebula/. (You might have to chmod +x on the run script first. Also verify ARCH is correctly set in the run script.)

4) Edit->Preferences in Nebula: Specify your Gush executable location (/home/jeannie/gush/trunk/gush), slice name, port, SSH key, and passphrase.

5) Gush->Start Gush. After about 20 seconds, dots should appear on the map. Note: You must have your graphics card configured for hardware acceleration for this to work!


Nebula World View

Nebula Application View